Design by Helena Patelisová

A handyman of one’s own awkwardness, a porcelain Pierrot of today, a product of oneself. The presented collection of figures engages the fascination by a downscaled world and the human urge to talk to such objects. The work brings an original product that portrays the author as captured in three situations via corresponding costumes – a shark, a rocket, and a fly agaric. As if you were sweating on a temporary job while clad in a mascot costume; it’s just that the costume was designed by a more ardent handyman that you. People tend to sew costumes onto their own life situations, thus becoming mascots of themselves. Partly a mask, partly an armor, partly a dose of sentiment. We do select some parts ourselves, others get stuck onto us on the road, and something is simply given – such as the size of our shoes.

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